Earthen x SOL : 2020 Earthen x SOL : 2020

Earthen x SOL : 2020

Sat, 12 Dec 2020, 2:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Hotel Fateh Garh Udaipur (A Heritage Renaissance Resort), Udaipur
Hip Hop
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EARTHEN & SOL join forces for a contemporary experience! Full Lineup Details : → Ash Roy → Audio Units → Blot! (Live) → D80 (Live) → Dotdat → Hedrun → Jaypei → Lifafa → Murthovic (Live) → Nash Jr. → SickFlip → Sublime Sound → Vinayak^a → Vridian → Zequenx Special Performance By : → Nathu Lal Solanki & Friends -------------------------- Earthen, as our name suggests, surfaces elements that are close to the core of Mother Nature. That being the need of the present times, our prime objective is to bring together the equilibrium of art, culture and heritage by filming and broadcasting music performances in bequest forts, palaces and imperial mansions across the country. Our prerogative is to deliver trailblazing content for the best of homegrown talent. In times where our dependency on art has increased severely and has kept us intact in distressing times, we are focusing on creating quality content from the Indian Subcontinent which can be consumed through the comfort of your homes. PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES: 1. Mandatory negative COVID reports 48 hours prior to the entrance. A copy of the same shall be provided to us digitally. 2. Social distancing at all times during the event. 3. Compulsory masks at all times on the premise. 4. No outsiders allowed. 5. Sanitization kits for all attendees. 6. 24x7 emergency medical support. 7. An effective sanitization crew for the entire venue. 8. Regulated thermal temperature checks at the entrance and across the venue. 9. Disinfectants being used on all luggage. 10. A Health Data Report to be maintained throughout of all attendees. Please note that patrons will be gallantly and effectively asked to leave the premises in case of defiance of the mentioned guidelines.
Hotel Fateh Garh Udaipur (A Heritage Renaissance Resort)
Sisarma - Bujra, Road, Udaipur, Rajasthan - 31300