Medium Rare featuring Kiss Nuka (Live), Tyrell Dub Corp (Live) & Interfluve Medium Rare featuring Kiss Nuka (Live), Tyrell Dub Corp (Live) & Interfluve

Medium Rare featuring Kiss Nuka (Live), Tyrell Dub Corp (Live) & Interfluve

Sat, 25 Feb 2023, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
EXT by The Moonshine Project, Hyderabad
Drum & Bass
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Sometimes offering mellow and poignant journeys to lead reflections into the deepest crevices of the mind and the universe, and other times providing escape and upliftment through the elixir of raw and visceral dancefloor experiences, Kiss Nuka is the genre-bending uncensored outlet of Anushka Manchanda. It is where she distils the world around her – with all its injustices and capacity for compassion, its chaos and natural tranquillity, and its eternal undercurrents and immediate concerns – into stylistically boundless and immersive musical experiences. A well-established creative polymath based between Mumbai and Spain, Anushka Manchanda has an artistic legacy that spans from editing and directing to Bollywood playback singing and screen performances. With Kiss Nuka, she asserts total control of her artistic voice and presents it at its most unabashed and all-encompassing. ​ TDC (Tyrell Dub Corp) is an alternate project of Delhi-based producer Sanil Sudan a.k.a. FILM. He uses this moniker to celebrate old Detroit techno through leaner productions. His interests in techno, early forms of reggae, dub, Detroit and Berlin dub techno stripped down to its very basics, allowing the music to breathe within rhythms, bass and its various idiosyncrasies. Firmly rooted in dub and reggae, the idea is to pay homage to every little technique that goes into modern-day production, pioneered by the likes of King Tubby, Scientist and the like. Suhaas Chitturi also know as Interfluve is a music producer and DJ based out of Hyderabad, India. His music is influenced by rumbling / pulsating subs with heavy basslines seasoned with hints of jazz, reggae, and funk - a tribute to the roots.  Performing regular shows and being an active part of pushing the bass music scene in Hyderabad, his DJ sets have received high acclaim from many renowned musicians and artists across the nation and beyond.  Suhaas showcases a mélange of genres in his DJ Sets with fresh selections of genres such as Syncopated Breaks, Electro, Uk Garage, Dubstep, Halftime and Footwork to name a few.
EXT by The Moonshine Project
Second Floor, 385, Road Number 82, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500033
Fortnightly show on, India’s leading independent community radio, and regular concert series hosted by Delhi based FILM.