Milkman Presents: Terminal 1 Milkman Presents: Terminal 1

Milkman Presents: Terminal 1

Fri, 28 Feb, 5:00 PM - 2 Mar 2020, 1:00 AM
Mumbai, Maharashtra, Mumbai
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Link: We're back for our 2nd edition of Terminal 1 in 2020! After two years of curating stellar parties and experiences, Milkman presents the second edition of its highly anticipated festival, Terminal 1. Terminal 1 isn’t essentially your regular music festival, it is a culmination of great experiences surrounding music, discovery and a lot more. This year sees Terminal 1 taking a different tangent. Spanning across three days, the festival takes place at three different venues across the city, each aiming to create a distinctive and immersive experience. // Day 1 is the club night and takes place at antiSOCIAL // RSVP: Milkman presents: Terminal 1 / Day 1 / antiSOCIAL // Day 2 is the warehouse rave at our second home, Famous Studios // RSVP: Milkman Presents: Terminal 1 // Day 3 is the rooftop party at ASILO // RSVP: Milkman Presents: Terminal 1 / Day 3 / The Rooftop Showcasing a diverse mix of local bands and DJs alongside a heavyweight international line-up that features both pioneering and avant garde electronic acts making their debuts in the country. Best known for her signature 'stripped-down techno and electro” sound, we bring back Helena Hauff to headline this edition. Expect Geneva based Aisha Devi to craft an experience that is at one cathartic and challenging, harrowing and invigorating. Known for spearheading a new wave of musical creativity in London as well as being responsible for the world renowned Yussef Kamaal project, Henry Wu heads to Indian shores. Born Free records co-founder Samo DJ will be joining the party to throw down his warped and spunk filled tunes. Witness Neil Landstrumm tastefully bring together two decades of musical experience through a live set and rave revivalist, graphic artist, Rinse FM resident and Klasse Wrecks label boss, Luca Lozano dole out his hard hitting records. Milkman residents Spacejams will be joined by some of the freshest and eclectic Indian talent on the block Yung Raj, Chrms, Drum Ani Bass, Anushka , Sid Shirodkar and Kavya. We look forward to welcoming you on a special journey through Terminal 1 ! Artists Helena Hauff German DJ and producer, and former Golden Pudel resident, Helena Hauff, is a testament to great DJing, still maintaining her sound esoterically fresh and ravey at the same time. Over the years, she has become a figurehead for a noisy, neo-gothic imperative in techno, delivering live and DJ sets of sometimes terrifying strobe-lit intensity that triangulate perfectly between acid house energy and industrial harshness. Neil Landstrumm 21 years into his music career, Neil Landstrumm still doesn’t buy into the idea of doing things by the book. As he repeatedly states: music is fun and it shouldn’t be taken too seriously, it’s something that reflects in his sets. Aïsha Devi Aisha Devi is one that words don’t essentially do justice to. As Devi’s own life and journey evolved, she translated her music and art more alongside her spiritual progression. Her sets include picks from every strain of ambient, avant garde electronic surprises, and a diverse array of inspirations and sedations. Drum ani Bass The brainchild of bass player Nathan Thomas and drummer Dhir Mody , drum ani bass evolved out of improvised jungle/drum n bass jams at 1403. Both inclined in the same direction, Nathan and Dhir have been experimenting with their sound and taking it live in different musical settings with room for innovation and improvisation. The idea is to emulate electronic music ideas into a live performance setting. Within this format the band explores variables of jungle, footwork, drum n bass, dub and glitch beats. Yung.Raj A versatile producer, Yung.Raj seamlessly transitions into any element or setting that is provided for his performances. An experiment with time, tempo and rhythm, blending numerous styles to create a sound that is truly unique and his own. KAVYA Kavya Trehan is a 26 year old multi-talented creative from New Delhi. Her music is a celebration of raw emotion and her roots, where all songs have been developed from guitar parts and trusty voice-notes. She has been on a relentless spree of releasing her own material that has more of a R&B, electronic and indie-pop vibe // PLEASE NOTE // Terminal 1 is a festival of music and creativity, and we exist to help the industry be the best it can be. However, the festival is not a place for inappropriate, disruptive, or abusive behaviour, either in person or online. This could include: - Offensive verbal comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, or religion -Deliberate intimidation -Harassing photography -Sustained disruption or talks of other events -Inappropriate physical contact Terminal 1 may act if it feels any individual or group has failed to meet the standards set by this Code of Conduct, including but not limited to revoking the individual or groups Festival passes without refund. If you experience a violation of this Code of Conduct at the Festival please contact a member of staff.
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Mumbai, Maharashtra
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