Peter Cat Recording Co. - September 2022 | Jaipur Peter Cat Recording Co. - September 2022 | Jaipur

Peter Cat Recording Co. - September 2022 | Jaipur

Fri, 9 Sep 2022, 8:00 PM
Club Naila, Jaipur
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Peter Cat Recording Co. have some flights in store this September. They are finally coming to Jaipur, Pune and Kolkata along with Delhi and Mumbai! They will be supported by fuzzy post punk trio Begum who will be touring their recently released album Are you ok? for the first time. You CANNOT miss this! About Peter Cat Recording Co.- Formed in New Delhi around 2010 by Suryakant Sawhney, Peter Cat Recording Co. is a group that’s mutated over time, shedding members and accruing more, always evolving musically with each album: from gypsy jazz to psychedelic cabaret; ballroom waltzes to epic space disco; bossa supernova to uneasy listening. The story of Peter Cat Recording Co. has unfolded across multiple continents, a cast of creators and perhaps more than anything, an unwavering vision to be that band from India that will challenge just what music from the region can be. In broadening their listener base to North America and Europe, they have presented a canonical reference point to both Indian and international fans alike: there is tremendous value in persistence and not pandering to the expectations of others. In India, not doing so is an unprecedented feat, and a testament to just how much their audience was waiting for that door to open. About Begum - Placed somewhere between a subconscious revelation of internalized pop music tropes and a resolve to foment comfort by presenting the uncomfortable, Begum’s music treads a unique trajectory for retention. Initially formed as an exercise in allowing both lyrics and sonics to spill out with no second thoughts, the project has, over almost ten years, become more refined, but still based on that gut instinct. Equally as steeped in hooks and melody as indebted to abstraction and alienation, the music this three piece band presents is the quintessential “band’s band” - the kind of signature that makes other musicians say “why didn’t I think of that”, all while leading new audiences to their instincts, though without knowing quite why.
Club Naila
Naila Bagh Palace, Moti Doongri Road, Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302007
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