The Big Mammoth Festival 2 The Big Mammoth Festival 2

The Big Mammoth Festival 2

Sun, 11 Sep 2022, 12:00 PM
TopCat CCU, Kolkata
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Event Details
Big Mammoth is one of the leading festival of Kolkata Metalheads and also an integral part of Kolkata metal scene as a whole bands like Trainwreck, Zygnema, Torture Goregrinder, Chronic Xorn, Warhound, Facebroke , Warmarshal etc were all a part of it.  So this 11th of September 2022 at Topcat CCU we are having the 2nd Edition of The Big Mammoth Festival after 3 long years with one of the Biggest Lineup featuring,    • TRAINWRECK ( HEADLINING ACT ) from 🇧🇩 GENRE - Mordern Groove / Thrash Metal A 5pcs Metal Outfit Hailing from Bangladesh. They are the first ever winners of Wacken Metal Battle - Indian Subcontinent . For the first time in the history of Bangladesh Music Scene Trainwreck is the very first band that played at the biggest metal festival in the world Wacken Open Air .   • WARHOUND ( CO - Headliner ) from 🇧🇩 GENRE - Death Metal  From the majestic lands of Bengal, uttering the chaotic battle hymns. Warhound is all about death, wars of antiquity, forgotten roots of Bengal and the ancient kingdom of Gangariday (গঙ্গাহৃদয় / গঙ্গারিডি রাজ্য). We hail and worship death and we strive to restore the balance. To us, only death is real. In fact, we perceive death as an essence of eternal change; which is the only certain phenomenon in the ever expanding cosmos. This notion merely cannot dispel us from speaking our mind nor restrain us from breaking old barriers. Rather we acknowledge and appreciate it more from our core to comprehend and adopt so that we can evolve throughout the ages in perfect balance and harmony. However on another note, we also love to write stories and post-dict about our glorious days of antiquity. History is an absolutely opulent treasure to us- A keepsake that shall live within forever and go around without furthermore.   • FACEBROKE  GENRE - Electro Hardcore A 5 pcs Electro Hardcore Band from India.  A blend of modern metal and Hip-Hop, originating from kolkata.. Their sound wave will remind you of ATTILA, Emmure and I see stars with some Electronic Effect.    • BROKEN BARONS GENRE - Metalcore A Metalcore act from India (Kolkata). Their music has the combination of post-hardcore and punk elements and their riffs  will remind you of bands like August Burns Red , Parkway Drive , Texas In July. After their debut EP Buried Stronger they've recently released their two full length lyric videos of singles called Canonized the bonus track from their EP and Cosmic Reconciliation.    • FLESHCRAVE GENRE - Old School Death Metal  A oldschool deathmetal band hailing from Kolkata. They take inspiration from bands like Morbid Angel, Monstrosity, Pestilence etc. The lyrics which they write are based on lores from the manga Berserk created by kentaro miura, so far they have released two of their singles Black swordsman and Band of the hawk which is based on the characters from the manga and currently they working on their untitled EP which they plan to release by the end of this year. Their sole intention as a band is to bring back the skull crushing essance of old death metal back in India.    • FIRE IN THE RODEO GENRE - GLAM / HARD ROCK Bunch of 'Sleazy Blitzy' fuckers formed a Glam Band. They call 'em Fire In the Rodeo and they do fuckin' unadulterated Glam/Sleaze and old school Heavy Metal. They have their heart set out in the 80s ! Be a part of the most glorified era in Rock n Roll history and share your spices and let everyone taste it, as they are planning for something very Big, Red and Hot and something that Kolkata has not 'Yet' experienced. Get ready to get blown by the long lost Head voice, High Screams, Face Melting Guitar solos, Soulful Power Ballads and Tasty Riffs that can make you pick up your guitar and sing along with the catchyttunes.    • DISQUIETUDE VENGEANC GENRE - Experimental Death Metal  Disquietude Vengeance is a four-piece progressive blackened deathcore band piled up from Kolkata. With some powerful death vocals, technical beats and brutal chopping riffs, also with some elements of black, opening up the vast experimentations in the production of music. In a community where we exist, we always have love and respect for metal.
TopCat CCU
36F Topsia Road, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700039
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