The Southside Groove Tour | Chennai The Southside Groove Tour | Chennai

The Southside Groove Tour | Chennai

Fri, 25 Feb 2022, 6:00 PM
Black Orchid, Chennai
INR 300 cover charge applicable at the gates.
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Event Details
The Southside Groove Tour is here to celebrate the best in independent jazz music this side of the subcontinent! With inspirations spanning a multitude of genres, join Jatayu and the Many Roots Ensemble as they attempt to redefine contemporary jazz. The Southside Groove tour hits Chennai at Black Orchid on the 25th of February. Jatayu Jatayu is a jazz-rock quartet from Chennai, India. Using sound and music to tell stories, the band weaves together traditional Carnatic music with Jazz, Funk, Rock, and a whole host of perpetually changing styles and influences to push the boundaries of ‘fusion’.  Jatayu returns with their latest single ‘Restless’ in collaboration with Harini Iyer on vocals and Praveen Sparsh on mridangam. ‘Restless’ is a song about self-discovery, introspection and growth that brings in the vocal prowess of Harini Iyer and the hypnotic mridangam expertise of Praveen Sparsh to take the listener on a journey. With this release, Jatayu aims to further its goal of collaborating with artists from around the world to create a sonic texture that is always evolving. Jatayu will be performing live during the Southside Groove Tour with Harini Iyer guest appearing on vocals. Many Roots Ensemble The Many Roots Ensemble is an evolving entity of varied music made by equally if not more, varied musicians. The music they make has taken roots from Jazz, Funk, African, Folk, Classical, Reggae, Disco, Fusion, Electronic and Experimental. 'Many Roots' stands for the amalgamation of many influences, genres and styles that creates our songs as everybody in the ensemble comes from different backgrounds. INR 300 cover charge applicable at the gates.
Black Orchid
105, Chamiers Road, Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600028