Wokeyevision presents ETERNAL TORMENT Wokeyevision presents ETERNAL TORMENT

Wokeyevision presents ETERNAL TORMENT

Sun, 31 Jul 2022, 7:00 PM
BRC Bavarian Roast Cafe, Hyderabad
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Event Details
Alright Hyderabad metalheads, it's time for some destruction. Wokeyevision presents you the most brutal metal gig Hyderabad has ever witnessed in years.We have 4 kickass acts from different city's to get you smashed. ETERNAL TORMENT  on 31st JULY 2022. The line up will be consisting of old school yet most underground metal bands from India. 2 Bands from Hyderabad and 2 bands from outstation. 1. Armament (Extreme Thrash metal from Kolkata) - Album Launch Tour Straight-forward in-your-face thrash with evil riffs and crushing vocal attacks held together by a grinding bass and aggressively fast drums.  2. WARMARSHAL (Death metal from Hyderabad) Musically the band leans towards the gritty old school sound with bits of groove and melody, while the lyrics focus on war, death, injustice, and crimes against humanity. 3. Piston (Thrash metal from Bangalore) - Album Launch Tour  They are known for their Fast Paced, Aggressive and Hard Hitting brand of Thrash, drawing inspiration from bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Demolition Hammer, Exodus, etc. 4.Septic Isle (Technical Death metal from Hyderabad) A 5 piece Warhammer 40k themed tech death band from Hyderabad . Includes members from Lurid x Primal abuse x Raid x NBS.The band is set to release their Debut EP in early 2022. Come down nice and early  Get drunk and mosh the fuck out! SUPPORT UNDERGROUND SCENE! VENUE – BRC Bavarian Roast Cafe ORGANIZER - WOKEYEVISION
BRC Bavarian Roast Cafe
Near D.mart, opp. to Hdfc bank, Kavuri Hills, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500033