Boxout Wednesdays Boxout Wednesdays

Boxout Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, 9PM Onwards
Auro Kitchen & Bar, New Delhi
₹ 2,500 Onwards
Subscription Details
The Boxout Wednesdays Season Pass is here! This handy subscription gets you access to 20 subsequent Boxout Wednesdays gigs at Auro Kitchen & Bar in New Delhi — that's almost five months worth of New Delhi's most beloved mid-week party. No more ticket purchases before each gig, and no more hassle. Get your Boxout Wednesdays Season Pass or Season Cru Pass today to show your support for the community and for keeping the underground alive in the capital city.
Subscription FAQ

Why should I purchase a Boxout Wednesdays Season Pass?

A Boxout Wednesdays Season Pass gets you access to all Boxout Wednesdays gigs (every Wednesday) at Auro Kitchen & Bar for nearly 5 months. With each gig’s entry fee currently priced at INR 200, the Season Pass cuts your expenditure on tickets by almost half. It’s also a great way to show your support for New Delhi’s most beloved mid-week party!

How long is my Season Pass valid?

Your Season Pass is valid for the subsequent 20 Boxout Wednesdays events after the date of purchase. For instance, if you purchase the Season Pass on Tuesday, August 30, 2022 you can attend all Boxout Wednesdays gigs until Wednesday, January 11, 2023.

Can I allow a friend to use my Season Pass?

No, the Season Pass is non-transferable. The owner and purchaser of the Season Pass is the only individual entitled to use the Pass.

What’s the difference between a Season Pass and Season Cru Pass?

While a Season Pass only allows you (1 individual) entry to Boxout Wednesdays, a Season Cru Pass is good for you and a plus one for 20 Boxout Wednesdays gigs. This person can be anybody you bring along with you, as long as you (the holder of the pass) are present upon entry.

Can I use this pass selectively –– for any Boxout Wednesdays event that I’d like to go to, as long as I keep it under 20 total?

No, this Pass is only valid for the 20 subsequent events after the date of purchase. If you do not come to an event that falls under this time period, it cannot be replaced with another gig after the 20 gig allowance is over.

Auro Kitchen & Bar
Aurbindo Market, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi - 110016
Upcoming Events at Auro Kitchen & Bar, New Delhi
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